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Republican Primary March 6


Lower Property Taxes
Skyrocketing property taxes hurt all Texas homeowners. Local governments insist they don't raise our taxes, but property tax bills go up every single year. It`s time we institute wholesale reform of the appraisal system so homes and properties are valued for what they're actually worth, not how much money local governments think they need. I will also fight for rollback elections that force local governments to get voter approval before socking homeowners with higher property taxes.

Economic Development and Job Creation
I believe in the Texas Miracle and keeping government out of the way as much as possible when it comes to doing business. Keep taxes low and fees low, address the property tax issue and get rid of unnecessary regulations that stifle business growth. Government doesn`t create jobs, but by providing the proper low-tax, low-regulation climate, we can empower free enterprise and entrepreneurship to unleash the engines of economic growth to create good new jobs and new investment that benefit all working Texans.

Border Security
While border security is really a federal issue, Washington has failed to do its job. And some Texas cities willingly stifle federal efforts to secure our border. This means the state has to step in to protect our economic and public safety interests. I oppose sanctuary cities, oppose amnesty for those who came here illegally, and I support state efforts to put more boots on the ground along the border.

End Robin Hood and improve our local public schools
The current Robin Hood system of school funding is a proven failure. I support keeping local taxes in local districts. I also believe the state needs to come back up to the previous level of funding public education so local districts don`t keep raising property taxes to try and keep up.

Support the Second Amendment
To me, the Second Amendment couldn`t be clearer – the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I will oppose any attempts to curtail or infringe on our constitutional liberties and I`m proud to have an AQ rating from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association.

Proudly Pro-Life and Pro-Family
I believe in the right to life and in our duty to protect the innocent, the vulnerable and the infirm.