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Lower Property Taxes

Skyrocketing property taxes hurt all Texas property owners. Local governments insist they don’t raise our taxes, but property tax bills go up every year. It`s time we institute wholesale reform of the appraisal system so homes and properties are valued for what they’re actually worth, not how much money local governments think they need. We need to band together to fight for rollback elections that force local governments to get voter approval before socking property owners with higher property taxes.

Economic Development and Job Creation

Practical Conservative Solutions are rooted in the Texas Miracle and keeping government out of the way as much as possible when it comes to doing business. Keep taxes and fees low, address the property tax issue and get rid of unnecessary regulations that stifle business growth. Government doesn’t create jobs, but by providing the proper low-tax, low-regulation climate, we can empower free enterprise and entrepreneurship to unleash the engines of economic growth to create good new jobs and new investment that benefit all working Texans.

Border Security

While border security is really a federal issue, Washington has failed to do its job. This means the state has to step in to protect our economic and public safety interests. Sanctuary cities and amnesty for those who came here illegally are not the answers. Securing the border through a combination of technology, boots on the ground, and a physical barrier must be foundational as a starting point to any solution.

End Robin Hood and Improve Our Schools

The current Robin Hood system of school funding is a proven failure. Local taxes should remain in local districts so taxpayers and their children can reap the fruits of their labor. The state needs to restore its previous commitment to properly fund public education so that local districts don’t continue to raise your property taxes to try and keep our schools running. School competition is good. We shouldn’t be afraid to help succeeding charter schools continue to thrive.

Support the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is clear. We the People have the right to bear arms. We  stand firmly in favor of the constitutional rights of every law abiding, mentally-fit American under this Amendment.

Proudly Pro-Life and Pro-Family

Life begins at conception.  It is our duty to protect the innocent and the vulnerable.